TOWNSEND -- Jimmy Nguyen, 19, of 86 South Harbor Road, was arrested Aug. 11 by Townsend police and charged with receiving stolen property valued at over $250 in connection with a neighborhood breaking-and-entering on June 21 where an Apple iPad and other items were stolen from the home.

The homeowner and victim of the B&E reported to police on Aug. 1 that he/she had been contacted by an unknown individual requesting a refund for the (stolen) iPad because $170 had been paid for it but access was denied due to security on the device.

Townsend police made contact with the unknown individual and arranged to meet him Aug. 4 at the Grove Hill Library in Boston.

Townsend police officers, assisted by Roxbury police detectives, identified the unknown individual as a 15-year-old male who had purchased the device from a person that he identified as Nguyen through postings on Facebook where he was searching for an iPad for school.

The 15-year-old told detectives he was unaware that the device was stolen until he tried to log on and his access was denied. He stated that he was somewhat desperate to get back the money he paid for it since it was most of the money he had saved.

A search warrant was executed at Nguyen's residence where other electronic items were seized. The investigation is ongoing by Townsend police in an effort to identify the owners of that other property.


Additional charges are expected in the case that relate to other area B&Es and larcenies.

Nguyen was held overnight at the Townsend Police Department before his arraignment Aug. 12.