HARVARD -- A Craiglist ad offering marijuana for sale led police to an alleged undercover drug transaction that resulted in the arrest of two Ayer residents.

Police made the alleged purchase and subsequent arrest at about 10:44 a.m. last Friday.

Police found the ad on Craigslist, said Officer Timothy Schaeffer, and made the arrest in the vicinity of 285 Ayer Road.

"They were offering to sell amounts of marijuana and we took them up on their offer, which led to their arrest," he said.

Police arrested Michael A. Lutz II, 45, of 78 Pleasant St. in Ayer for distributing a Class D drug and for possessing to distribute a Class D drug. They also arrested Kyndra L. McFetridge, 29, of the same address, for distributing a Class D drug and possessing a Class D drug.

"It was very, very simple," Schaeffer said. "It wasn't a long investigation at all."

Schaeffer said the police look at Craiglist on occassion.

"There's all kinds of stuff on Craigslist that happens," he said, adding that police are more worried about anything that happens in Harvard.

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