TOWNSEND -- Six Townsend women have formed a committee to keep the Kids Kountry Playground clean and safe.

Cynthia Donovan Schuster said the volunteer effort was created to ensure that the playground is taken care of.

The committee was formed three weeks ago but plans to meet often to talk about ways to improve Kids Kountry.

Nicole Carter has already fixed three fences and Schuster added sand from her home to the sandbox.

The committee built a new bulletin board for updates on the playground and placed signs asking residents to clean up when they leave.

"People were leaving dirty diapers," said Schuster. "We placed signs and trash bags to make sure they leave with the trash they brought in."

Their recent challenge is getting enough money to install bark mulch on the playground.

"The kids need mulch to put under the playground because the landing is too low and the kids could get hurt," said Schuster.

She said that at the recent Special Town Meeting, the committee raised $221 for bark mulch but still needs to raise up to $700 to get enough to fill the whole playground.

The committee is planning a fundraising event and said any additional money collected would be used to buy picnic tables, pay the water bill and paint the pavilion.

Schuster hopes that more mothers and residents will join the committee.

For information, email Karen at clem6six@verizon.


-- Kelly Carrion