HARVARD -- An increasing kindergarten enrollment could leave the School Committee with the decision of whether to hire one more teacher.

Superintendent Linda Dwight told the committee last week that the district is at 52 kindergarten students, the number at which the committee might need to decide to hire another teacher.

Kindergarten enrollment has been creeping up as people moved into town, she said. Now there are two classes of 17 students and one of 18, the preferred maximum for a kindergarten class.

School Choice

Dwight also raised the possibility of the committee doing something about school choice numbers if a fourth class is opened up.

The tricky part, she pointed out, is that the numbers do not count Devens students. There are usually one or two students added from Devens but the district doesn't know until the very last minute, she said.

Committee member Kirsten Wright explained that in order for each of the four classes to hit the minimum number of 15 students, the district would need eight additional students to fill the last class.

Dwight said the new elementary school principal, Sue Frederick, knows good candidates with previous experience, so there would likely not be an issue of finding good available teachers. She said she would keep the committee informed on any progress, but suggested that any possible change occur before school starts.

Cracked concrete

Dwight updated the committee on the project to fix the cracked concrete at Bromfield School.


The estimate for the contract came in at about $78,000 over the $136,000 budget.

The issue stems from the fact that the cracks in the concrete were thought to be four to six inches, but some are over eight inches, Dwight said after the meeting. Workers will be boring holes to see how deep the problem areas actually are, and the project will likely go out to bid in January or February.

The project was worked into the budget for 2014-2015, Dwight said, but it will be held in reserves.

Bromfield House, etc.

Chair SusanMary Redinger said the committee needs to have a conversation on the plan to relocate school administrative staff from the Bromfield House.

Other topics that surfaced for future review included the school calendar -- which caused a stir for this school year when school was still open on Christmas Eve -- and work on Bromfield's science labs.

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