A lock box has been installed outside of the Columbia Street entrance of Ayer Town Hall for the tax collector's office.

The lock box is for collection of tax payments or bills originated from the tax collector's office, which includes real estate, personal property and excise payments, by check or money order, only.

Cash payments are to be presented to the tax collector's office during normal business hours. Any cash payments left in the lock box will be the taxpayer's responsibility.

The tax collector's office is not responsible for retrieving nontax payments. In the event any nonpayment items are left in the lock box it is the individual's responsibility. Again, this should not be an issue given the lock box was installed specifically to collect tax payments.

Tax payments left after business hours will be collected and posted with the following business day's received date.

This is an additional service for taxpayers to submit their payments.

Payments can also be made online at ayer.ma.us.

Any questions, concerns or comments should be addressed directly to Susan E. Copeland, tax collector, at clerk@ayer.ma.us; 978-772-8209, or by coming in to the tax collector's office during regular posted business hours.