GROTON -- With the coming of spring they say a young man's thoughts turn to romance, but as spring yields to summer and summer to autumn, those thoughts must surely turn to... Grotonfest, one of the number one go-to events of the season!

As usual, the annual shindig will feature plenty of music, food for every palette, local crafts, baby-kissing politicians and fun ... loads of fun, according to Jane Bouvier.

"This year, we're going to have some new and interesting entertainers including a magician who is going to be doing stuff on stage as well as wandering around the crowd doing magic for kids," said Jane Bouvier. "Also Animal Adventures is back and we have a new Irish group who'll dance for us. I'm hoping that this will be the best year we've ever had!"

Bouvier estimated that in past years, the 'fest has averaged 5,000 visitors and expects the tally to be no different this year.

Grotonfest is scheduled to take place on Saturday, Sept. 20. Rain date: Sept. 21.

Sponsored by Groton Networking, it will take place on Legion Common off Hollis Street alongside the historic Old Burial Ground.

First held over 30 years ago under the name Septemberfest, Grotonfest was renamed over a decade ago when the Groton Business Association took it over and then the Groton Board of Trade, which eventually transformed it from a purely cultural celebration to one that spotlights hand crafts while also promoting local businesses.


This year's event will likely include a record number of booths with 100 signed up so far and more expected, all manned by an array of business people, craftsmen and local pundits.

"We definitely don't concentrate on just business," said Bouvier. "These days, it's more of a cultural event. We get nonprofits out there and craft and artisans. Although it's not a business organization running it anymore, we certainly still encourage local businesses to participate."

Attractions include the Summertime Jazz Trio, Magician CJ Diamond, Nashoba Valley Dance, the Flying Irish Dancers, the Powderhouse Gang, the Centerstage Dancers, Animal Adventures and more!

The master of ceremonies, a key element in keeping things moving, will be chief of police, Donald Palma.

Palma will no doubt try his darnedest to work up an appetite in everyone and if he succeeds, there will be "tons of food" available, said Bouvier.

On top of all that, local businesses and nonprofits will be represented, a "huge" raffle will be held, vintage automobiles will be on display, and, of course, the Fire Department will be on hand with a ladder truck for kids (and adults) to explore!

Grotonfest will take place from 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with more information about attractions and booth availability on line at

"What I like about Grotonfest is the way it brings the town together," summed up Bouvier. "Residents get to see people they know and some they've never seen before. It's a community event and so it's a family event, too.

"People ask me all the time to do beer and wine but no way, Jose! I'm not ever going to do that. Grotonfest is a family event and I'm never going to bring alcohol in."

And, Bouvier hastened to add, perhaps most important of all in straightened economic times, "It's free!"