Only students from this circulation area are included.

WESTFORD -- Twelve students in the Automotive Technology program at Nashoba Valley Technical High School passed at least one of the four core components of the National Automotive Students Skills Standards Assessment, or NA3SA.

The four core components are suspension and steering; brakes; electrical/electronic systems; and engine performance. Other components in which students may test include engine repair; automatic transmission and

Class of 2014 graduates who passed at least one component during the 2013-2014 school year include:

* Ryan Aubuchon (senior, Townsend), four components.

* Nathan Baldinelli (senior, Pepperell), all eight components.

* Thomas Fitzpatrick (Townsend), all eight components.

* Christopher Gibbons (Pepperell), three components.

* Brian Quin (Townsend), all eight components.

Juniors who passed at least the four core components include:

* Richard Cura (Townsend), all eight components.

* John King (Shirley), five components.

* Hayden Wyld (Pepperell), five components.

NA3SA is an independent, nonprofit organization with a mission of evaluating technician-training programs against standards developed by the automotive industry, and recommending qualifying programs for certification by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.