A.M. 5:21, commercial alarm, building checked, the Bromfield School; 7:30, commercial alarm, building checked, Ayer Road; 8:24, prisoner transport, Clinton District Court

P.M. 1:57, abandoned/misdial/hang-up 911 call, Littleton County Road; 7:46, motor vehicle stop, spoken to, Massachusetts Avenue; 9:37, suspicious auto, Still River Road; 11:20, suspicious auto, services rendered, town beach


A.M. 9:03, well being check, no services rendered, Old Littleton Road; 10:03, suspicious activity, spoken to, Oak Hill Road;

P.M. 1:58, HAZMAT incident, managing propane tanks, Fruitlands Museum; 2:54, motor vehicle accident, patient refusal, no transport, Gebo Lane; 2:57, carbon monoxide detector activated, Stow Road; 3:38, juvenile problem, peace restored, Still River Depot Road; 6:02, animal complaint, notified, Still River Road; 9:51, animal control call, services rendered, Harvard Police Department


A.M. 8:56, well being check, gone on arrival, Bolton Road; 9:08, annoying/harassing phone call, spoken to, Glenview Drive

P.M. 2:22, motor vehicle accident with injury, transported with basic life support, Route 2 west of Routes 110/111; 5:50, well being check, unable to locate, Deerfoot Trail; 6:40, fire department lift/medical assist, patient refusal, no transport, West Bare Hill Road




M. 12:38, wires/trees down, removed hazard, Littleton Road and Poor Farm Road; 1:08, motor vehicle plate listing, spoken to, Prospect Hill Road; 1:52, wires/trees down, removed hazard, Littleton County Road; 2:37, wires/trees down, removed hazard, Littleton Road and Poor Farm Road; 7:39, wires/trees down, removed hazard, Depot Road; 7:50, wires/trees down, removed hazard, Craggs Road; 9:04, medical emergency, transported with basic life support, Deerfoot Trail

P.M. 12:12, burglary, breaking and entering report, Sherry Road. Summons issued on charges of breaking and entering building in daytime for felony, larceny over $250, larceny under $250, malicious destruction of property over $250, misleading/threatening/attempt to injure a police officer. 12:55, suspicious person, investigated, Harvard town common; 1:00, wires/trees down, no services needed, Littleton Road; 1:09, road hazards, removed hazard, Littleton Road; 10:05, medical emergency, transported with advanced life support, Still River Road


A.M. 9:03, medical emergency, report, Myrick Lane; 10:28, medical emergency, transported with advanced life support, Ann Lees Road; 11:42, walk-in, assist citizen, Harvard Police Department

P.M. 2:10, wires/trees down, services rendered, Shaker Road; 2:53, juvenile problem, notified, Still River Depot Road; 3:59, wires/trees down, services rendered, West Bare Hill Road and Bolton Road; 8:38, noise complaint, unable to locate, Madigan Lane; 10:56, structure/building fire, extinguished, Kilbourn Road


A.M. 1:00, disabled motor vehicle, towed, Bolton Road and West Bare Hill Road

P.M. 12:31, vandalism, investigated, the Bromfield School


A.M. 8:56, suspicious activity, spoken to, Poor Farm Road

P.M. 3:01, larceny/forgery/fraud report, Harvard Police Department; 3:13, motor vehicle accident, transported with basic life support, Prospect Hill Road; 3:55, well being check, unfounded, town beach; 5:16, wires/trees down, South Shaker Road; 5:20, wires/trees down, Littleton Road; 5:28, wires/trees down, Shaker Road; 5:35, power outage, Old Littleton Road; 5:48, residential phone alarm, Ohlin Lane; 5:49, suspicious activity, spoken to, Old School House Road; 6:44, suspicious activity, Littleton Road; 8:39, power outage, notified, Old Littleton Road