Kinder Morgan, Inc./Tennessee Valley Gas have proposed, with support from Governor Deval Patrick, other Massachusetts agencies and five other New England governors, to construct a natural gas pipeline from Richmond, Mass., to Dracut.

This project is estimated to cost at least $4 billion and will be paid for through a tariff that will be added to every New England resident's electric bill. No other natural gas pipeline has ever been funded in this manner.

This pipeline will transport a hundred times the natural gas that is needed to meet New England's small seasonal shortfall of natural gas supply.

Kinder Morgan has stated on several occasions that "some of the gas may be exported out of the U.S." The pipeline resisters believe that the majority of the natural gas that is shipped through the pipeline will be exported at no value to New England.

The pipeline resisters believe that this pipeline is not needed and that the natural gas shortfall can be made up by: (1) Fixing the leaks in the natural gas infrastructure that already exists in New England, (2) Greater reliance on renewable clean energy supplied by solar energy, off-shore wind energy and geo-thermal energy, (3) thoughtful, coordinated purchasing cooperation between the natural gas supply industry and the electricity generators, and (4) energy conservation.


The "WALK"

Tennessee Gas Pipeline "walking resisters" in Pepperell shall join with walkers from all 29 towns that the proposed pipeline will cross, in a statewide relay to protest this massive, expensive and unnecessary project, and to send a message to Governor Patrick and other Massachusetts' elected officials, that other, better energy alternatives are available and should be considered.

Hundreds of walkers from towns across the state, carrying signs, chanting slogans, distributing information on energy alternatives and collecting signatures on petitions, will walk from Richmond to Dracut in a town-by-town relay, and then gather on America's oldest conservation land, the Boston Common, on July 29 or 30 (final date to be decided) to deliver petitions to Governor Patrick and Legislators at the Massachusetts Statehouse to "Stop the Pipeline."

Walkers, consisting of affected homeowners, other impacted parties, conservationists and conservation groups call on Governor Patrick and the five other New England governors to withdraw their support of this unnecessary project and to withdraw their support of the proposed electric rate tariff that would fund this project.

The relay started Sunday, July 6, in Richmond, and will conclude on Saturday, July 26, in Dracut.

The Pepperell Walk will occur on Tuesday, July 22, beginning at 10 a.m. Walkers should meet at the North Middlesex Regional High School, in the easternmost parking lot at 9:45 a.m. A group picture will be taken of the walkers and other interested Pepperell residents at approximately noon in front of Town Hall. The walk shall conclude when a flotilla of canoes and kayaks that will leave from Canal Street and take the "baton" across the Nashua River for the "hand-off" to Groton.


Harbor Street, to

Shattuck Street, to

Jewett Street, to

Townsend Street to

Town Hall, for a Pepperell Group Picture at Noon, to

Elm Street, to

Keyes Farm Conservation Land, to

Gardner Farm, to

Canal Street, and the Nashua River

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