TOWNSEND -- The eighth grade celebration was all about the students at Hawthorne Brook Middle School June 19.

Instead of a series of speeches, administrators seized the opportunity to honor students with 20 different awards, primarily for academic achievement and effort.

Principal Stephen Coughlan congratulated the 134 students who will be going on to high school next year for their achievements between the fifth and eighth grades.

"We had a great year, we had a great four years here and it's really to their credit the way they grew," he said.

"They've done great so far, we're proud of them, they have a long ways to go and we wish them the best," he added.


Joshua Harrison and Kelsey Rainville received the Project 351 awards, a statewide award which recognizes one eighth grade student from every city and town in Massachusetts who exemplifies leadership and service.

This year's New England League of Middle School Scholar Leaders were Michael Aloisi and Olivia Breault, for their demonstrated academic achievement and service to the school and community.

Emma Giannini was given the excellence in problem solving award. Citizenship awards were presented to Hannah Comeau, Olivia Creighton, Declan Delaney, Conor Gray, Bridget Griffin, Jonathan Moore and Amanda Rochette.

The principal's awards, which honor students who are positive role models for their peers, were given to Christopher Mastroianni and Teehan McGinness.


For each subject area, two students were honored for outstanding achievement in that subject, while another two were given awards for outstanding effort.

For English language arts, the achievement awards went to Paige Engler and Kamryn Richard and the effort awards went to Madison Marchese and Elizabeth Schmidt.

Awards for achievement in mathematics were given to Carina Conley and Kaitlyn Fales. Effort awards were received by Corina Crawford and Jacy Kretas.


In science, the achievement awards were presented to Rachel Baker and Kelsey Bergquist, while the effort awards were given to Emily Curtin and Molly O'Neill.

Outstanding achievement in social studies awards were given to Caitlin Johnson and Tatiana O'Hanlon, and effort awards were presented to Ashley Bosch and Charles Fess.

The world language awards were given to Leah Baboci and Cheryl Donahue for achievement and Sarah Kleeman and Sarah Ward for effort.

Sarah Coffey and Alexis Poindexter received the outstanding achievement in fine arts awards, while Melissa Indeglia and Kayla McFadden received awards for outstanding effort.

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