AYER -- A new flagpole waves over Woodlawn Cemetery in dedication to long-time resident and World War II veteran Richard Fletcher.

Members of Ayer's American Legion Post 139 came out on Thursday to dedicate the pole to a man that was a fixture in the community.

"He did a lot for all the veterans, not only American Legion," said Legionnaire Frank Harmon.

Fletcher, who passed away in 2007 at age 81, owned the Fletchers Inc. clothing store, a staple in Ayer since 1913. Harmon remembers how he would help veterans in need.

"Any veteran who needed any kind of assistance for clothing and so forth, he always gave it to them for a lot less cost," he said.

In a short prayer, Legion member J.

Walter Forest said Fletcher was a man who did a lot for veterans, especially during World War II.

"He was always liked by everybody," he said. "He was a nice man, he sold me a lot of clothes."

Forest remembered how the clothing store sewed on all the stripes for his uniform, just one week before he went overseas as part of the Navy.

Fletcher also gave money to improve the Woodlawn Cemetery, and a small plaque at the base of the pole dedicates it to Fletcher for his generosity to the cemetery.

Fletcher is buried in the other half of the cemetery across the street from the flagpole dedicated in his honor.

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