WORCESTER -- Groton resident Stacy Stewart presented her project, "Do young adults' views of family-of-origin co-parenting predict their future parenting confidence and co-parenting outlooks?" at Assumption College's fifth annual Graduate Symposium.

"Each year, the Graduate Studies Symposium showcases the high quality and diversity of graduate-level research at Assumption College," said Professor Leonard Doerfler, Ph.D., director of the College's counseling psychology program and the Aaron T. Beck Institute for Cognitive Studies at Assumption College. "These presentations offer students the opportunity to showcase their research and demonstrate their communication skills before their peers, faculty, and project sponsors from all five of Assumption's Graduate Studies disciplines."

Stewart and her partner, Juliana Eels, investigated whether family-of-origin experiences with co-parenting impacts young adults' expectations of their future co-parenting relationships. They interviewed 123 undergraduates living on campus and asked them to discuss their family-of-origin experiences with co-parenting and to describe their future ideas about family life.

Professor Regina Kuersten-Hogan was their faculty adviser.