WESTFORD -- Nashoba Tech's Class of 2014 will succeed if they lean on their families and the education they've received, state Treasurer Steven Grossman told the school's 167 graduates on Saturday.

"Because of the education you received here, there are no limits to what you can achieve," said Grossman, urging graduates to expend all the "passion" and "energy" they can to achieve their dreams.

Grossman recounted the story of his grandfather, who worked his way up from shoeshine boy to business owner. Grossman said his grandfather never forgot what he owed to his family and community

"Be a visionary," said Grossman. "Be a pioneer. Build on that rock that this institution has been."

Other speakers expanded on Grossman's family theme.

Nashoba Tech’s Raysam Donkoh-Halm and classmates enter the new hs football field and track, Saturday at NT for graduation ceremonies. Nashoba
Nashoba Tech's Raysam Donkoh-Halm and classmates enter the new hs football field and track, Saturday at NT for graduation ceremonies. Nashoba Publishing/Bob Whitaker

"You taught me to believe in myself," Class President Manuela Romano, of Westford, said in her address. "We will always be a family."

Salutatorian Shannon Pecora of Westford said: "We were really excited about everything. We loved to go to our classes every day. There was never a dull moment."

"Nashoba sounded really great to me when my sister first told me about it," added Russell Byron-Kelly, a Groton resident who was part of the design and visual communications program. "And when I came, I thought it was really nice. It had what I was looking for. The whole environment was great and the administration was very supportive. They really wanted you to succeed.



"All the teachers, faculty, and students in general were very friendly," agreed Townsend resident and member of the school's health assistant program Brittany Thomas. "As for our class, all of us got along well."

School Principal Denise Pigeon publicly recognized students who received awards and scholarships, naming virtually the entire graduating class.

"I loved this class," enthused cosmetology teacher Donna McMahon. "They had a lot of character, a lot of school spirit and they were just a bunch of really nice kids."

"Every class is different but this one had such enthusiasm for the school and were always supporting each other," said testing coordinator Gabriella White.

About 80 percent plan to go on to college or completion of various certificate programs and 15 percent have jobs lined up.

Six members of the graduation class have enlisted in the military, including Gregory Andrade, Thomas Riccio and Duncan Schaff in the Marine Corps; Christopher Gibbons and Gabrielle Hathaway in the Army; and John Young in the Navy.