PEPPERELL -- American flags are once again flying high on Main Street, thanks to the services of one resident who stepped in to fill a void.

David Mead, owner of Mead Tree & Landscape Services, volunteered his time to hang about 80 flags down Main Street in time for Memorial Day. Mead offered to help after Charter Communications, which has hung the flags for the last 11 years, said they were no longer able to do so due to the liability of hanging the flags and the lost work time for the company's employees.

"Well it was simple -- nobody was putting them up. I enjoy doing that stuff if I can help out. That's pretty much all it was," Mead said.

With the help of two employees, Rob McKenney and Keri Lapierre, Mead used the bucket truck he owns for his business to raise the flags. He said the entire process took about two hours.

Mead said he felt it was important that the flags were hung in order to show the town's appreciation for those who serve in the military.

"It's important to be patriotic. It's a small town, you need to see that stuff in this environment," Mead said.

He said he plans to continue to help raising and lowering the flags in coming years.

Alycia Gelin-Burr, treasurer of the Pepperell Fourth of July Committee, thanked Mead for stepping up in the town's time of need, as well as several business owners in neighboring towns who also volunteered to help.

Town Administrator John Moak said that Mead helped to go through the stored flags and picked out about 20 to hang that hadn't been hung last year.


"David Mead has been absolutely enthused about it. It's really good that he got them put up and was able to hang more than we have in the past," Moak said.

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