PEPPERELL -- Despite a near frost on this morning, we can be reasonably reassured that the growing season will now be successful and prosperous.

Thanks go to the springtime believers and revelers, Jen Stiles, Lynn Warwick, Klaus Kleinschmidt, Fran Bergeron, Dennis and Janet Kane, Rene Maloney and Grange members Laura Epler, Pat Harrington, Linda Star and Tony Beattie, who joyfully circled the Maypole at the Prescott Grange.

The spirits of the earth and sky were honored as the new bright ribbons wove a promise of hard work, diligence and care in our efforts to nurture and grow our gardens and farm animals. The persistent cold and gray of this past winter and early spring is now past. (Thank goodness)!

The Prescott Grange members are planning to plant an acre of potatoes later this month with the intention of donating the harvest to the food pantry, PACH, this Fall. If you'd like to help with that project, please contact Grange member Tony Beattie at 978-877-7545. The best potato diggers are your children!

Milton Star, Grange member and master gardener, was AWOL at this Maypole dance. He recently recalled that while in elementary school a long time ago, whenever the annual pole was set at school and his classmates fell into confusion and riot trying to follow the teachers' directions, he snuck away, walking 2 miles to get home. The police then arrived and returned the truant to school but too late to do the dance.


There will be a make up session on May 11 for Milt and he will be writing "I will not run away from Grange activities" 100 times on the Prescott Academy chalkboard.