Occupation: Gemologist

Why do you come to the library? To see the new exhibits, get the new best-sellers, play mahjong and to meet new people. Lawrence Library always has something going on for all ages! It's a great place.

What do you geek? Bunka embroidery.

Lawrence Library geeks Bunka embroidery, too! Bunka is a Japanese-style of punch needle embroidery, which is made not by sewing, but by punching a needle and special thread through a piece of fabric, creating loops that can be used to create texture and color variations akin to that of an oil painting. "Punchneedle Embroidery: Dancing Needles," by Pamela Gurney, gives a great overview of Bunka, as well as tips for beginners on how to choose the correct supplies, how to stitch basic patterns and instructions for 20 full projects.

If you are interested in seeing many different types of embroidery, you may also enjoy "The Art of Embroidery: Inspirational Stitches, Textures and Surfaces," by Francoise Tellier-Loumagne. Embroiderers and other needleworkers are also welcome to join our monthly Knit and Crochet Group on the last Thursday of every month; bring your projects and enjoy some company while you craft.

Bunka embroidery is one of many art forms that originated in Japan; Penelope Mason's "History of Japanese Art," shows many other Japanese styles, including painting, sculpture and furniture throughout history. We also have many other books about Japanese culture, including cookbooks, travel guides and historical texts.


You can check out "Transparent Japanese," a language learning software that helps introduce and build vocabulary and phrases. The "Transparent" series of language software comes pre-loaded on a USB key that can be plugged into your computer at home.

The library can help everyone explore the things they geek. For information, stop by Lawrence Library.