TOWNSEND -- Former town clerk Sue Funaiole is among the eight candidates interviewing for the assistant town clerk job.

Town Clerk Kathy Spofford, who previously served as the assistant town clerk under Funaiole and won the town clerk position in the April 28 town election, began interviews on May 9 and continued them earlier this week. The 37-hour per week position is appointed by the town clerk.

Spofford said May 9 that she is evaluating each candidate based on the same criteria and asking the same questions to each.

"I'm looking for someone that can deal well with the public, that's really important. Someone that can work independently, someone that can help oversee the elections, which has some managerial components to it. We have 24 people working at the elections, so we need somebody that can handle that," Spofford said.

She said that Funaiole's experience is a positive, but that she will not make a decision based on their previous working relationship.

"If I can get someone with experience that is huge, but there are two other applicants besides Sue with municipal experience," Spofford said.

The application was not limited to Townsend, and some applicants are from neighboring towns, Spofford said.

Funaiole said she is applying for the position because she hoped to continued working in the office for another eight months to a year. She said she did not run for town clerk again because she did not want to serve a full three-year term, and did not want to have to leave in the middle of a term.


"I like the office, and I love the work in there," Funaiole said.

Spofford is expected to make a hiring decision by May 16.

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