SHIRLEY -- Accompanied by two representatives of ABM, the firm the town contracted with to conduct evaluations of seven town buildings and make them more energy efficient, Energy Committee Chairman Bryan Dumont updated selectmen on the project Monday night.

ABM has completed the tasks called for in the construction phase of the 15-year performance contract, Dumont said, which the town paid the company for up front and for which reimbursement is anticipated in the form of guaranteed energy savings.

As part of the contract, ABM also provides scheduled checks to ensure the equipment they recalibrated, upgraded or replaced in the buildings is functioning properly, which is a key component of the deal.

To that end and with the recommendation of the Energy Committee, selectmen signed a separate maintenance contract with ABM.

Sketching the contract work ABM did in the seven buildings -- Town Offices, the library, police station, War Memorial Building, Senior Center, DPW and the fire station -- the two company officials listed lighting retrofits, recalibrated system controls and upgrades to the building envelopes, such as blown-in insulation.

Additional work included monitoring devices for air vents on the library roof and installing new boilers in the fire station, Senior Center and War Memorial Building, switching the buildings from oil to gas heat, as well as plugging envelope gaps in the War Memorial Building and completing the A/C system in the Senior Center.


"We will achieve a 26 percent energy reduction, as promised," Dumont said, with anticipated savings of $52,000 over time.