TOWNSEND -- The library, senior center, meeting hall buildings and highway garage are rapidly approaching the fifth anniversary of the grand opening of the magnificent gifts donated to the town by the Sterilite Corporation.

A small group of citizens has been meeting for a few months exploring ways to use the 5th anniversary to help raise community awareness for the wonderful facilities and all the great things that happen in them as well as to publicly thank Sterilite Corporation for the amazing gift.

Potential events on the drawing board include auction, music, entertainment, family-friendly indoor-outdoor activities, historical reflections, remembrances, band concert, BBQ, commemorative donations such as sculpture, a bench or tree planting.

The next scheduled meeting is Tuesday, May 13, 7 p.m. in the Meeting Hall on Dudley Road. Community input is essential according to the committee. Come one, come all - bring ideas (and calendars!) They would especially like to hear from representatives of like-minded civic organizations in Townsend. It is clear that serious calendar management is in order, to avoid over-lapping scheduled activities. The anniversary may be an opportunity for co-partnering organizations or businesses as co-sponsors.

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