TOWNSEND -- Townsend voters will take on 28 articles at Annual Town Meeting on May 6, including votes on an $11.3 million fire station headquarters and $150,000 in road repair funding.

Article 1 asks voters to authorize the Board of selectmen to appoint town officers, while article 2 allows the town to vote to hear reports from any boards, committees or commissions.

Article 3 asks the town to vote to choose a committee of three West Townsend residents to serve as members of the James H. Tucker Fund. The committee is charged with keeping the cemetery in good order.

Under article 4, voters could transfer from available funds to supplement the fiscal year 2014 snow and ice deficit. Article 5 would allow the town to pay its prior fiscal year bills, while article 6 is to supplement the FY15 operating budget.

Article 7 would pay to purchase a new copier for Town Hall and article 8 would buy three automatic electronic defibrillators for the police department, at a cost of $4,600.

Of articles 9 and 10, only one can pass. In article 9, Police Chief Erving Marshall asks the town to purchase new firearms for the police department at a cost of $8,100. Under article 10, the town could vote to instead refurbish the existing firearms at a cost of $5,400.

Article 11 would rescind $9,501 of a $200,000 balance that was authorized at the May 2004 Town Meeting to fund septic system repairs, but never spent.


If article 12 passes, $150,000 would be appropriated for road repair. Selectmen have discussed over the last several months the need to supplement state Chapter 90 funding with town funding to address the town's rapidly deteriorating roads.

Article 13 would transfer $5,000 to the Conservation Commission's land fund.

The town would authorize revolving fund accounts for the Board of Health, Recreation Commission, facilities and maintenance, the Cemetery and Park Commissioners, firm alarm maintenance and animal control by passing article 14.

Article 15 asks voters to transfer from receipts reserved for appropriation accounts for FY15.

Article 16 would appropriate $4,000 to fund the Assessor's FY15 Periodic Inspections and Property Data Verification Program.

Article 17 would pay debt service toward the Spaulding Memorial School roof replacement and the Hawthorne Brook septic replacement project.

Article 18 is the standard budget article. This year's Town Administrator recommended budget is a 4.6 percent increase from last year.

Article 19 would appropriate money from the water enterprise fund, and article 20 would fix the salaries and compensation of all elected town officers.

The next article asks to spend $71,000 for weekly recycling collection.A non-binding referendum asking the same question on the April 28 election ballot failed with 1,353 no votes to 399 yes votes.

Article 22 would appropriate $11.3 million to build a new fire headquarters.

Article 23 is to approve funding for the capital plan.

Under Article 24, the town would approve borrowing for the Nashoba Tech roof repair.

Articles 25 and 26 are to adopt new bylaws. The first is a state law that allows any public office to remain closed on Saturdays, while the second would change the capital planning bylaw to allow selectmen to add items to the town's capital plan if they deem those items to be of "compelling need."

Articles 27 and 28 would allow the town to vote to transfer control of two different pieces of property from the town to the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife.

Town Meeting will be held May 6 at 7 p.m. at Memorial Hall.