This is your last chance to be a Geek of the Week, as we wrap up our year-long campaign to raise awareness about what public libraries do, and the funding challenges they face.

Public libraries inspire and empower. They are places where everyone is welcome, and almost anything can be explored. They play an important role for individuals and for communities. Americans are using their public library more than ever before, but in many cases, overall funding is down.

We will be taking Geek photos on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons until the end of April, as well as on Saturday, April 26. Please send an email to if you would like to be a Geek of the Week.

If you have already been a Geek of the Week, THANK YOU! We appreciate all of the support, encouragement, and geeky enthusiasm from everyone who has participated! All of the Geek portraits will be on display in the Art Gallery during the last week of May.