By the Squannacook Runner

Goal for the week: A 5-mile nonstop run.

Sunday: Start the week with a 12-minute "out and back" run. Run for 12 minutes at a brisk pace. At the 12-minute mark, turn and retrace your path home. Try to arrive back faster than your original 12 minutes.

Monday: 12- to 15-minute relaxed jog.

Tuesday: Three-mile run. Concentrate on running a brisk, steady pace. The 5K race is slightly longer than this distance.

Wednesday: Rest day. If the weather is nice, take a long, brisk walk.

Thursday: Fifteen- to 20-minute relaxed jog.

Friday: Five-mile nonstop jog. Another milestone run! Did you ever think you could run this far when you began jogging six weeks ago? Your total mileage this week comes to about 14. Nice going!

Saturday: Rest day.

Next week: A look at the Groton Road Race 5K course.