HARVARD -- Voters weeded out three candidates competing for different community positions in this year's town elections.

Wyona Lynch-McWhite and Steven Victorson took the two highest number of votes and will join the Parks and Recreation Commission, while John Lee and Beth Williams will serve on the Community Preservation Committee. Gregory Newman will be the town's new constable.

The request for a $160,000 front-end loader passed with 379 votes supporting, 252 against. There were 27 blanks. The capital exclusion will come from additional real estate and property taxes.

Only 17 percent of the 3,899 registered voters--658 in total--showed up at the Bromfield School's cafeteria on Tuesday, where polls were open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.


Two newcomers are joining the Parks and Recreation Commission, a group that met some controversy last year over issues with the Bare Hill Rowing Association.

Wyona Lynch-McWhite, executive director for the Fruitlands Museum, paved the way with 392 votes for the Parks and Recreation Commission. Swymfit owner Steven Victorson also won a spot with 386 votes, which left incumbent Anne McWaters off the commission. McWaters had 306 votes. There were 231 blanks and one scattering.


Former Parks and Recreation Commission Chair John Lee led the vote in the race for two spots on the Community Preservation Committee, ending with 473.


Incumbent Beth Williams also sealed a spot with 359 votes, knocking newcomer Tina Allen off the ballot. Allen had 225 votes, and 259 ballots were left blank.


Former police detective Gregory Newman defeated incumbent Kerry Curley for constable, with 342 votes against 237. There were 79 blanks.


The first ballot question regarding $115,000 to replace damaged concrete at the Bromfield School was withdrawn at Town Meeting after the School Committee announced it could fund all six of its warrant articles. But 412 still voted in favor, with 192 against and 54 blanks.

The second question concerning $160,000 for a front-end loader passed with about 58 percent of the vote.

A few voters leaving the polls expressed their support for the DPW request.

Heidi Wharton said she heard the issue brought up at Town Meeting and thought it sounded necessary.

"I think it's important for the town to support the departments when they need these sorts of things," she said.

Melanie Frost said she also voted for the capital exclusion.

"We need to take care of our roads and stuff around the town," she said.


The other races were uncontested, including the race for selectmen with two open positions. Current Selectman Ronald Ricci received 428 votes and Chair Marie Sobalvarro received 498. There were 386 blanks and four scatterings.

Robert Eubank will keep his position as town moderator, receiving 564 votes. There were 92 blanks and only two scatterings.

The Cemetery Commission's one spot will go to John Spero, as there were 508 votes for him and 150 blanks. Board of Health Chair Thomas Philippou also gained another three years on the board, with 482 votes as the sole candidate. There were 175 blanks and one scattering.

Library Trustees Gail Coolidge and Charles Redinger also earned another three years on the board, gaining 503 votes and 491 votes respectively. There were 321 blanks and one scattering.

Don Graham and Erin McBee have the two open positions on the town's Planning Board, with 436 and 448 votes respectively. There were 432 blanks.

Current School Committee Chair SusanMary Redinger received 477 votes, with Jennifer Bedford 447. There were 390 blanks and two scatterings.

Current Tree Warden Christian Bilodeau will remain in his position, with 554 votes and 104 blanks.

Current Warner Free Lecture Trustee Mary Maxwell gained another three years as a trustee, with 490 votes. Lisa Foley, who earned 473 votes, also gained a spot as a trustee. There were 353 scatterings for the race.