HARVARD -- The race for constable sits between two lifelong locals, incumbent Kerry Curley and former police detective Gregory Newman.

Curley, who owns Team Realty, said he is running again to stay connected with Town Hall, the town and its residents. He served as a selectmen for nine years and a justice of the peace for five years.

Curley said voters should choose him because he's "proven."

"I've done it for nine years," he said. "I've always been on time and I've always been punctual."

Although the constable can prosecute violations of certain town ordinances and serve citations, Curley said most of the attorneys in the area use sheriffs or others to serve papers.

His main task throughout his years of service has been to post warrants for town meetings and the caucuses throughout town.

Curley said he would oppose making the constable a full-time position, and would leave it up to the sheriffs and other people to serve papers.

"In a small town like this, I think it would not be wise for anybody to do that as well," he said.

His opponent, Newman, served for 28 years on the town's police department, retiring as a detective just last year. His father was a selectman, and his mother was involved in a local 60 Plus Club and church.

"It's almost a tradition that we serve the town of Harvard," Newman said. "My folks lived here, I've lived here, my wife's from Harvard, so there's a strong bond in the Harvard community.



Newman touts his experience in policing as an advantage over his opponent.

"Traditionally, the constable is ex-law enforcement or has some knowledge of both the civil and criminal law, which I have had and my opponent doesn't," he said.

The position is not paid and carries a term of three years.

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