HARVARD -- The six school-related warrant items could be taken off the annual town meeting warrant list, after Superintendent Joseph Connelly said that the schools could fund them with excess money in their budget.

The district had an extra $336,632 left over in tuition money for CASE Collaborative, which offers special-education for several school districts.

The articles, which include sanding and painting at Bromfield School, and repairing the Hildreth Elementary parking lot, would total $269,600.

Even after applying this one-time excess of funds, Connelly noted, there would still be $67,000 left for developing special-education costs for next year.

"Clearly, I think by earmarking this money to do some much-needed, one-time capital costs does not put us at risk of not having enough money to develop that SPED cost," he said to the Finance Committee last Wednesday night.

The Fincom voted to approve the reallocation, but the transfer also requires the approval of the School Committee.

The 53-item warrant mailed out to voters last week in the form of a booklet contains requests for Bromfield School repairs, an assistant town administrator, a front-end loader for the Department of Public Works and more.

Fincom did not recommend $165,000 for the town's three-year membership to the Central Massachusetts Mosquito Control Project.


The town has had some resistance to the topic of insect control in the recent past.

"We cannot recommend joining this program at this time as we have not seen either a coalition of local groups, boards and committees come together to make sure this would be successful nor the educational enlightenment of the community as a whole on this project," FinCom's excerpt reads.

The committee also advised against home rule legislation that would give local tax exemption to those who hold any shares in a community solar energy system.

In the booklet, Fincom warned voters about several multi-million dollar capital projects that could affect future debt. These include work on the Hildreth House, Hildreth Elementary's kindergarten wing and science classrooms at Bromfield School.

"These projects place the town at a fiscal crossroads," the committee wrote in its state of the town report. "The town, as a community, will need to make difficult decisions about the scope and timing of these proposed big-ticket projects -- each having the potential to increase our debt load."

The total proposed omnibus budget for the next fiscal year shows a 3.22 percent increase to 21,963,828. With the informational booklet finalized, this was the last FinCom meeting before town meeting on April 1.