SHIRLEY -- Lura A. White School Student Council members had noticed how worn-out their 20-year-old Social Studies books had become and they decided to do something about it.

The fourth- and fifth-grade students had a movie night with Village Pizza and donated desserts and drinks. It was so successful that they raised enough money to buy about 50 second-hand Social Studies books to replace old, falling apart books.

Ericka Greenhalgh said, "The event was very successful and the new books don't look like they had been used at all."

"These books are good for fourth-grade now and we will go to fifth-grade next year and have new Social Studies books," said Lilly Robinson.

"They do not have any writing in them and they have all their pages," remarked fourth-grade teacher Mrs. Hemenway.

Fifth-grade teacher Mrs. MacFarland said, "Wow! The LAW Student Council had a fabulous movie night to raise funds to replace much needed books. Now that shows kids who care about learning!"