PEPPERELL -- St. David's Episcopal Church in Pepperell is no longer holding services due to declining attendance.

The church, which held services in the living room of an old farm house on Route 119, halted all of its operations at the beginning of this year. The building, which is owned by the Episcopal Diocese of Massacusetts, will be put up for sale later this year, according to Elizabeth Berman, canon for congregations for the diocese.

Berman said that attendance had been dwindling over the years, and that the remaining members were content moving on to other churches in the area.

"It was a relatively small parish to begin with, it was actually a worship space in an old living room, and they just didn't have the membership to sustain themselves," Berman said.

Average Sunday attendance ranged from 20 to 25 people, with about 35 to 40 people total in the congregation, Berman said.

Most members of the congregation have moved on to attend either Trinity Chapel Episcopal Church in Shirley or Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church in Groton, Berman said.

Rev. Marsha Hoecker, who led services at St. David's, also leads them at Trinity Episcopal, meaning that for many members of the congregation, the transition was minimal, Berman said.

"We think everybody's being cared for in a good way, and there wasn't any conflict. It just was small and getting smaller, and rather than trying to do a lot of upkeep on the property we decided to just let it go," Berman said.


Before the decision to dissolve, Berman said, there had been some consideration of merging with the Lutheran Church in Groton, but the diocese ultimately decided that closing the building completely made the most sense.