Every Bromfield Senior must complete a 40-hour community service project and at the end of their senior year, present what they have learned to a panel of community reviewers.

Each presentation is approximately 10 minutes long with feedback given by four to five reviewers. We are in need of 20 community members who are interested in sitting on a panel from 12:45-4 p.m. on April 30. No experience is necessary; just an interest in what these students have done.

Those who have done it before will attest that it is a terrific experience. If interested, please contact Ellen Sachs Leicher at eslassoc61@aol.com

Please note: Parents of a Bromfield Senior are regrettably, excluded.

Learn to row

Spring Learn to Row registration is now open.

A three-day a week program for sixth- and seventh-graders.

Runs four weeks -- April 28 to May 23. 4-5:15 p.m.

Only a few spots left for new members.