Occupation: First-grader

Why do you come to the library? Read books, see friends, learn about Abe Lincoln and the Boston Tea Party.

What do you geek? American History

Lawrence Library geeks American history, too! In fact, just last year we renovated our History Room, which was dedicated to longtime volunteer and former staff member Jeanne Palmer. There are books, paintings, photographs, maps, and artifacts from centuries of American history for you to see. On the way up to the history room is a mural depicting the past and present of Pepperell. The mural, which was painted by local artist Nan Quintin, has local landmarks and people through the ages; sharp eyes will spot Lucky, our library mascot.

Of course, we have lots of books about history, too. In fact, we just got the first few books in a new series of biographies for children by Brad Meltzer, called "Ordinary People Change the World." So far, we have "I Am Abraham Lincoln" and "I Am Amelia Earhart," with a book about Rosa Parks coming out this summer. These picture books tell the life stories of famous Americans as if they are children, discussing what they will do with their lives.

Older kids may enjoy reading about history through the eyes of author Steve Sheinkin, who has won awards for his nonfiction books. Because he used to write textbooks for a living, Sheinkin knows the ins and outs of American history, and has written several books about history with a great splash of humor added in.


His book, "King George: What Was His Problem?" talks about the American Revolution, complete with spies, soldiers, and how John Hancock almost got captured by the British because he didn't want to leave his salmon dinner behind.

The library can help everyone explore the things they geek. For information, or if you are interested in being the Geek of the Week, stop by the Lawrence Library.