Motor Vehicle Accidents

On Monday, Feb. 10, at 7:15 a.m. a two-vehicle collision occurred on Lancaster Road at Royal Blvd. when a vehicle operated by a Lunenburg woman collided with a small plow operated by a Shirley man. According to the accident report, the plow-driver had stopped in the roadway to turn into a residential driveway when it was hit by the other vehicle, traveling in the opposite lane. The impact shoved the plow into a snow bank. The driver of the second vehicle said she didn't see the first vehicle's directional turn signal. Both drivers were able to drive their vehicles from the scene and neither one was injured, apparently, since an ambulance summoned to the scene was refused. No citations were issued.

On Friday, Feb. 14, at 8:41 a.m., a single-vehicle accident occurred at the intersection of Groton and Mulpus roads. According to the report, the driver, a man from Westford, was traveling north on Groton Road when he lost control of his vehicle on the icy, snow-covered road and slid into a snow bank, striking and breaking the pole of the Mulpus Road street sign. A tow truck pulled the vehicle out and it was driven away. The driver was not injured.

A string of accidents occurred in town on Saturday, Feb. 15.

* A two-vehicle crash was reported at 1:36 p.m. on Center Road. According to the accident report, vehicle #1, operated by a woman from Ayer, was exiting a driveway when it was struck by vehicle #2, traveling on Center Road and operated by a Shirley woman.


The report states that the first vehicle pulled out in front of the second, causing the crash and the driver was cited for failure to use caution and marked lanes violation. Nobody was hurt and both vehicles were driven away. An ambulance responded to the scene but was refused.

* At 2:30 p.m., another two-vehicle collision occurred at the intersection of Groton and Townsend roads, a problematic four-way crossing that is frequently a crash site, despite stop signs on both sides and flashing traffic lights overhead. In this instance, the crash was attributed to slick road conditions and no citations were issued.. The report states that the first vehicle, operated by a Shirley man, struck by the second vehicle - operated by a Shirley woman, which slid into it while turning onto Townsend Road. An ambulance was summoned but was refused.

* The next accident occurred at 3:17 p.m. when two cars collided on Great Road. According to the police report, vehicle #1, operated by a woman from Plymouth, was turning left into a driveway on Great Road when it was struck by vehicle #2, which was traveling in the same direction behind it and attempted to pass. The driver of vehicle #1, a Fitchburg woman, was cited for passing on the left and failure to use caution. Nobody was hurt and the ambulance was refused when it arrived.

* On Monday, Feb. 17, a vehicle operated by a Townsend resident slid into a snow bank while attempting to avoid a collision with a plow operated by an Ayer resident, causing about $1,500 in damage to the first vehicle. Nobody was hurt or cited.