This is a serialization of the new book written by Carl Flowers, owner of Silveus Plantation, the subject of "Groton's Anonymous Mistress." This 300-year-old house is accessed by Kemp Street near the boundary of Groton and Dunstable.

Part 60

By Carl Flowers

It would certainly be a big help if a retired person who's licensed to hunt could end the raids (by wildlife) by sitting in the dining area and waiting for the thief's return. This simple solution would be helpful to a working farm, but it can't be done.

Unfortunately, hunting season isn't open when most farm activities are in full swing. The state could care less about farm issues because wildlife needs to be protected. No one is forced to go into farming. Every business has its problems and farming is no different than any other business. The cost for fencing out wildlife is just an ordinary business expense a farmer has to deal with.

Relative to the low average income for a farmer, the state said, no one was forced to be a farmer. Everyone does what they like to do and farmers can always get a better paying job.

This attitude from fish and wildlife might be a warning signal to the small family farmer to get out of farming before the death sentence is hammered down. If there's a restriction on the farmer's land, the means of making a living by farming is over. More specifically, we are referring to the use of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).


GAP's purpose is to prevent contamination of food while it's still growing out in the field. If GAP becomes required, domestic animals wouldn't be permitted within two miles of where fruits and vegetables grow. The sustainable small farm that includes a mix of animals and crops would be eliminated. Folks who have backyard chickens and sell eggs will have the potential of shutting down the fruit and vegetable farmer if GAP certification becomes required.

The same is true for wildlife irrespective of whether it's deer, turkeys, ducks or frogs. All these animals like to poop. Even bugs poop, including honey bees. You have to wonder how fruit and vegetable crops will get pollinated.