PEPPERELL -- If you're going to crash, try to be near the snowbanks.

That's the good news about pond skating this year, big soft, deep snowbanks (thank you to the shoveling, hard playing skaters that made them). The other good news is that the ice is very thick and smooth.

The Prescott Grange crew is hosting a skating party at Robinwood Farm, 36 Oak Hill St., Pepperell, this Saturday afternoon, from 1-3 p.m., weather-permitting.

Live music will inspire our local skaters to show off their speed, grace and agility. Awe, praise or sympathy, depending on the outcome, from the crowd will liven the event.

Linda Starr is promising to show off her triple lux and Milt Starr will attempt to jump more barrels than his grandchildren's best record.

A small tubing hill will send children sliding onto the ice. Snow sculptures will be encouraged. Ice fishing is welcome and the snowball police, Officer Tony Beattie and Officer Pat Harrington, will be jailing offenders in the no-escape snow cave.

Helmets are highly recommended, and perhaps some preventative Advil will improve your courage and recovery.

There will be a bin of extra skates available so Moms and Dads will have no excuse to stand by and watch.

Please join us!!! Questions? Call Tony Beattie, 978-877-7545.