Groton residents and the many, many customers of Blood Farm will have an opportunity to help out the 20 employees left out of work by the Dec. 29 fire that virtually destroyed the well-known business.

A major fundraiser is slated for the Feb. 27 at the Barn at Gibbet Hill in Groton, to benefit the Blood Farm Employees Assistance Fund. There will be music and food, and everyone will have the opportunity to donate to this worthy cause.

A group of residents, including state Rep. Sheila Harrington and Selectman Jack Petropoulos, formed an ad-hoc committee called the Blood Farm Employee Assistance Group that will kick off the fundraising effort to help out the employees, until the business is rebuilt and reopened and these employees can get back to their jobs.

Harrington is heading up an effort to put together this major fundraising event to help out these employees and is encouraging everyone to attend. She is also working with Blood Farm, the state Farm Bureau, and Blood's Insurance companies to move the rebuilding process along. It is hoped that the Blood Farm will re-open by the fall.

The Ad Hoc Group has set up a website,, to raise funds to assist employees until the business reopens in the fall.

In addition to financial contributions, the Groton Board of Selectmen is coordinating donations of food and heating fuel. Questions can be directed to the Board of Selectmen at 978-448-6852 or