TOWNSEND -- We are very pleased with the response for our census and hope that those who have not returned them will soon. Voters who do not return them are put on our inactive voter list, causing them an extra step at the next election. In time they could be removed from the list.

Many positions on the ballot for the spring town election still have no candidates running for them: Assessor, Amanda E. Dwight Entertainment Fund Committee, Planning Board (3- and a 5-year positions), Townsend Housing Authority (3- and a 5-year positions), Trust Fund Commissioner (2- and a 3-year positions), Trustee of Soldiers' Memorials, nonveteran position, 1-year Water Commissioner term.

The last day for people to take out papers for any position is March 7 and the papers must be returned with 36 Townsend voters' signatures by March 10.

Dog licensing continues. The No. 1 tag will be pulled on Feb. 14 and if willing, the winner will be presented the tag and blanket at the selectmen's meeting on Feb. 25.