Motor -vehicle accidents, week of Jan. 6-11

Monday, Jan. 6 was a snowy day, with a few motor vehicle accidents, mostly minor and due to slippery road conditions.

At 5:08 a.m., a single-car accident occurred on Squannacook Road, when a vehicle traveling north, operated by a woman from Tewksbury, slid off the road into a snow bank and had to be towed out. The driver was not injured.

In another single-car crash at 2:11 p.m. , a vehicle traveling west on Crabtree Lane and operated by a town resident veered into the eastbound lane of the roadway, hitting a tree. The vehicle bounced off the first tree and hit a second, as well as a mailbox before stopping. The air bag deployed. The male driver was transported by ambulance to Nashoba Valley Medical Center, Ayer.

Less than half an hour later, a relatively minor, two-car parking lot incident occurred at the Shirley post office and was reported at the police station. The drivers gave differing accounts as to whose fault it was, but according to the accident report, the gist of it was this: The female operator of the first vehicle was pulling out of a parking space in the lot when her vehicle struck a parked vehicle that was behind hers and situated parallel to designated parking spaces. The male driver of the second vehicle apparently parked in that spot because the lot in front of the post office, which has only a few spaces, was full.

The final accident reported that day occurred near the Lura A. White School on Lancaster Road at 5 p.


m., when a couple from Manchester, N.H., were headed toward Route 2. The vehicle hit a pothole, damaging the passenger door and front wheel on that side of the vehicle. There were no injuries.

Saturday, Jan. 11, was another day when the weather caused slippery road conditions and led to a single-car crash with property damage but no personal injury at the intersection of Brown and Hazen Roads. Reported at 7:45 p.m., the accident report states that the driver, a male from Shirley, acknowledged he was driving too fast for the road conditions when his vehicle skidded into a stone wall and flipped, landing upright. He drove away from the scene, but returned with a relative to report the crash. He was issued a citation for speeding.