TOWNSEND -- Democrats in Townsend will hold a caucus at Memorial Hall, Room 2, Lower Level, on Saturday, Feb. 8, at 10 a.m., to elect three delegates and three alternatives to the 2014 Massachusetts Democratic Convention, where Democrats from across Massachusetts will vote to endorse candidates for statewide office.

The convention will be held on Friday, June 13, and Saturday, June 14, at the DCU Center in Worcester.

Massachusetts Democratic Party Chairman Sen. Tom McGee said, "We have a lot of great candidates running for statewide office. Anyone who is interested in getting involved in a campaign for governor, lieutenant governor or any other statewide office can attend their local caucus and learn how to get involved."

The caucus is open to all registered Democrats in Townsend and the Democratic Committee welcomes participants. Delegates will be divided equally between men and women and all ballots will be written and secret. Youth, minorities and people with disabilities who are not elected as delegates or alternates may apply to be add-on delegates.

Memorial Hall is handicapped-accessible. Details on the rules can be found at

The Town Democratic Committee will hold a meeting after the caucus is completed. Please join us.

For information on the caucus or committee, please contact Leslie Rauhala at


For general information on the convention or the Democratic Party, please contact 617-939-0800 or contact @massdems/org.