AYER -- Parents and teachers at Page-Hilltop Elementary School are ditching the school setting on Saturday to socialize at the Hilton Garden Inn over one parent's gourmet desserts.

Marcy Logan, an Ayer resident with twins at the school, spent a year planning the dessert social that will benefit its Parent Teacher Organization. Logan, the pastry chef at the Hilton Garden Inn, works full-time and often cannot volunteer at school events. This social was a way she could finally help out.

"I just wanted to do something to give back to the school, because all the money that the PTO raises goes to the teachers, which then goes to the students," she said.

Logan will be presenting 860 miniature dessert pieces that she made over three nights. She has chosen her favorites -- from Guinness stout chocolate cake to Bailey's and brownie pie. Guests can socialize over coffee or cocktails in the Hilton's ballroom, which the hotel has donated for the event. The Hilton is also providing staff members and all dessert ingredients.

"I work for a really great hotel," Logan said. "My general manager, Jon Mehlman, is really kind to all of us and generous. I decided to go to him with the idea and right away he said that they would do it."

Attendees can enter a free raffle to win a hotel room or dinner for two at the Hilton's restaurant, the Great American Grill. The restaurant is offering 10 percent off dinner for anyone who presents their ticket on Saturday night.


Since ending ticket sales on Tuesday, the fundraising team has sold about 90 tickets at $10 each. The social required a marketing effort that PTO member Dana Bresnahan, of Ayer, pushed along.

"When Marcy brought it up at the PTO, the entire room was excited about some sort of social event for parents and teachers," Bresnahan said. Bresnahan worked on creating fliers, a Facebook event page, and email updates to spread awareness for the fundraiser.

She said it is the first adults-only event she has worked on during her four years at the PTO.

Logan has been selling her desserts at the Hilton's Great American Grill for more than a year, and said the fundraiser will be a nice way for people to see the hotel. The social will end up raising about $1,000 for the PTO to supply whatever teachers might need.

"I know how much teachers need things and they don't have the money to go purchase them, so I think it's great that the PTO can give our teachers supplies," Logan said.

But perhaps the ones who will benefit the most are Logan's sons.

"They told me that they think I'm going to make them famous," she said.

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