The Board of Selectman has proclaimed January as Seniors Month in Townsend.

There will be a lunch Saturday, Jan. 18, from noon to 2 p.m. (free for all Townsend seniors and all seniors who live outside of Townsend, but are members of the Friends of the Seniors.)

The lunch, sing-along plus some surprises will be featured at the Meeting Hall luncheon. Sign up at the Senior Center or call 978-597-1710.

Below is information about the Friends and the membership form

Who are the Friends

Friends of the Townsend Seniors, Inc. is a private, nonprofit (501-c-3) corporation providing additional support for the Townsend Senior Center.

The Friends are governed by a seven-member board of directors. Each year the board elects its officers.

Meetings of the Friends are open to all members. Decisions are made on disbursement of funds, based on requests from the Council on Aging.

The Townsend Senior Center is operated under the auspices of the Council on Aging, a committee appointed by the Board of Selectman. The council receives an operating budget from local, state and federal taxes and grants.

The Friends of the Townsend Seniors was formed in the fall of 2000 to operate exclusively for charitable, scientific, literary and educational purposes to perpetuate the dignity and well-being of the oldest residents of the town.

The Friends raise funds to supplement the council budget to purchase and donate necessary equipment or furniture for the on-going activities of the Senior Center.


Additionally the Friends assist in funding of programs and activities sponsored by the Townsend Council on Aging.

Become a member of the Friends of the Townsend Seniors

I have enclosed payment for the 2014 Membership

__$5 Friend; __$10 Family;__$25 Benefactor;

__$100 Lifetime Membership (Individual and Family)

I am interested in volunteering for:

__Phoning;__Program Development;__Fund Raising; __Food: Prepare a main dish or desert for a fund raiser.

Other Suggestions:






Thank You for your continued support. Mail to Friends of Townsend Seniors PO 972 Townsend MA 01469 or drop off at the Senior Center.