GROTON -- The Planning Board learned Jan. 9 that developers of the new Groton Inn to be constructed on the same Main Street site as its historic predecessor have decided to scale back their plans in the wake of new findings on the property.

According to developer Richard Cooper, a recent survey determined that land bordering wetlands in the rear of the property sloped more precipitately downward than expected.

In addition, it was discovered that over the years construction material has been dumped in the area as well.

Not wishing either to encroach on the wetlands or disturb the dump, Cooper said that he and partner Chris Ferris have decided to scale down plans that had called for a dozen long-term rental units to be constructed over the area where the property's current carriage house is located and a similar number of short-term rental cottages that had been planned for the opposite side of the property.

Now, current plans will call for only nine long-term units and 10 short-term cottages.

Ferris and Cooper have entered into a purchase-and-sales agreement with George Pergantis, owner of the 8.5-acre site where the historic Groton Inn once stood before it was destroyed by fire.

A concept plan presented at the Planning Board's meeting of Sept. 19 remained essentially unchanged with the developers intending to replicate the former inn building as a two-story, 51,208-square-foot, 24-room hostelry.

Alongside the new inn building, which would also include a 50-seat restaurant, a new carriage house would be built with a caretaker's residence on an upper floor.

Ferris' and Cooper's appearance before the board on Jan.


9 was not a public hearing but a pre-submission review intended to gauge members' feelings about their plans.

The review is scheduled to continue Feb. 6 when board members are expected to decide whether to grant waivers to the town's bylaws requiring the developers to submit a scale model of the proposed inn and a study showing what impact the project will have on Main Street automobile traffic.