Motor Vehicle Accidents

On Monday, Dec. 9, there were three motor vehicle accidents in town, two of which were attributed to weather and slick road conditions.

The first incident was a single car crash that occurred at 8:37 a.m. on Groton Road. According to the accident report, the driver was traveling east when he lost control of the vehicle on the slushy road and hit an embankment, causing damage to the right front wheel and undercarriage. He was not injured. The vehicle was towed.

The second incident occurred at 9:54 a.m. on Front Street. Two vehicles collided in front of Net Variety Store when one vehicle was passing on the street as the other was backing out of the store parking lot, causing minor damage to both vehicles. No citations issued.

In the third incident, which occurred near the old Center Town Hall, the driver, a Clinton man, was traveling north on Center Road when he lost control on the icy road; the vehicle spun around and slid into a cement post, causing minor damage to the vehicle. The driver complained of discomfort after the collision and was transported by ambulance to Nashoba Valley Medical Center as a precautionary measure. The vehicle was towed.


On Thursday afternoon, Dec. 12, a police officer working a detail near the train station on Front Street spotted a juvenile carving graffiti into the station's cork message board. The officer spoke to the young man, who immediately quit the activity as he was told.


On Friday, Dec. 13, Squannacook Road residents reported their mailboxes were hit and damaged by a motor vehicle.

Several police calls on Saturday, Dec. 14 and early Sunday morning, Dec. 15 in response to incidents at Acme Trailer park on Great Road were all related to an ongoing domestic issue at one of the residences there, according to the police report.