LITTLETON -- Singers interested in tapping into the healing power of their voices are invited to attend two free workshops at Indian Hill Music School, 36 King St., on the weekend of Oct. 12 and 13, led by Threshold Choir creator and inspiring song leader Kate Munger of California.

"Threshold Choirs honor the ancient tradition of singing at the bedsides of people who are struggling; some with living, some with dying," she said.

In 2007, with Munger's help, Indian Hill Music started its own healing chorus -- now called the Threshold Singers -- to fulfill its mission of musical philanthropy.

The community music school is bringing Munger back to the area for the sixth annual New England regional gathering of Threshold Choirs and to encourage vocalists new to this type of singing to get involved.

Anyone interested can attend either workshop, regardless of experience level. While there is no charge for the workshops, a free-will donation is encouraged. Housing options may be available for out-of-town singers. For information, please contact coordinator Suzanne Buell at 831-206-4260.

The Threshold Singers at Indian Hill Music was the first of its kind in the Boston area, and is now one of more than 100 such choirs throughout the world. The group currently has about 25 active members and is regularly singing at the bedsides of the sick, dying and anyone in need of comfort northwest of Boston.

The singers meet at Indian Hill on the first and third Wednesday evenings of each month to rehearse a diverse repertoire of rounds, chants, lullabies, hymns, spirituals and classic choral music.


There is no charge to choir participants or for individuals who invite choir members to sing.

The Threshold Singers is a way for singers to express gratitude for the rich gift of singing in their lives, offer their voices in unique and rewarding service, and bring together a community that knows that true service heals everyone. Members include both men and women as well as amateur and professional singers.

Indian Hill Music is proud to be the first community music school in the nation to have a Threshold Choir. "As a member of the choir myself, I can attest to the powerful impact it has not only on the families we serve, but on the choir members as well," said Susan Randazzo, executive director of Indian Hill Music. "We're thrilled and honored that Kate will be coming to Littleton once again to continue her work with us."

The Threshold Singers at Indian Hill Music is led by music director Charlotte Russell and administrative coordinator Suzanne Buell, both Indian Hill Music School faculty members. Learn more at or 978-486-9524, ext. 114.