Open your heart and home to an International Foreign Exchange Student for a semester or the academic school year.

Exchange students are 15 to 18 and from a wide variety of countries. All speak English, are fully insured medically, bring their own spending money and would attend your local high school.

Host families are asked to provide a loving home, meals and emotional support. Single-parent families, retired couples, families with only young children as well as families with teenagers have all had successful hosting experiences. A student can share a room with a sibling 10 or older.

The experiences gained from hosting one of these young ambassadors will be long remembered. It is an experience of a lifetime for both the host family and the student. A great opportunity to learn about another country and to share our rich American culture with them.

"Perfect" matches can be made with common interests of the host family and the student.

Each day these students are awaiting the news that someone has selected them.

For information, contact local area coordinator of Northwest Services PEACE Program, Inc., Pat Darby, at 978-632-8270 or email


It is only through the kindness and generosity of families in communities like yours that these young ambassadors will be able to fulfill their dreams of coming to America.