PEPPERELL -- Tucked away on a winding road in Pepperell, there's a large peaceful oasis of insightful thinking and a generous spirit. It is the home of Linda Leland; a multi-certified holistic health coach.

Despite that title, her teaching and coaching involves much more than that.

First, her education: Linda received her training at Integrative Nutrition in New York City. The American Association of Drugless Practitioners certifies her and she holds a bachelor's degree in natural health from the Clayton College of Natural Health. She is a student of Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine, a certified raw food chef, whole foods chef and a nutritional educator.

She leads workshops on healthy eating, food addictions and the art of cooking real foods. She works with the whole person; knowing the power of food to affect not only the physical part of our bodies but the mental state as well. She offers individual health and nutritional coaching as well as facilitating many group coaching sessions.

After a lifetime of vowing, "One day I will be working from home" six months ago, she's finally landed just where she wants to be and it is there we met. Her office is adjacent to her gourmet kitchen where she teaches her classes and each space exudes calm.

And yet there's a palpable feeling of anticipation in the air and looking out at the wide green expanse of grass and sky, it's easy to see why her clients say things like, "I feel so happy. I just have this really good feeling.


" (I overheard this as Linda said good-bye to a client while I was waiting to meet with her.)

Most recently, Linda was the director of operations at Groton Wellness and then switched to working as their holistic health coach and head of nutritional education.

From a very early age, Linda has been dedicated to building her knowledge around healthy foods and vitality. For 18 years she battled health problems and after increasing her knowledge about food and its power to create sickness or wellness, she cured her medical problems by focusing on what she ate and how she exercised.

Linda believes that food is incredibly powerful. "It is information for our cells. That's huge! We can turn on and off the genes for disease by using food as our medicine."

"It is NOT about counting calories but moving toward a whole foods diet and learning to cook more," she said. "If there's one thing I've learned, it's that nutrition is the gateway to many other profound changes. It's beautiful to see the ripple effect it has on shifting people to live their best life, the life they were meant to be living. My clients quickly discover that all areas of their life are connected."

Here is Linda's heartfelt promise: "My mission is to create a nonjudgmental space for whole-hearted listening. My job is to gently guide my clients toward their own awareness and help them discover what they really value. My goal is to inspire everyone with whom I come into contact toward creativity and healthy living. I also promise to hold each of my clients accountable to their values and dreams with loving support and abundant applause."

She currently is offering, 'Get healthy with a friend.' This program runs for three months and she assures "fun and RESULTS are guaranteed." There are two sessions each month and two prize packages will be awarded.

Here are the questions she asks each person she meets for the first time. Are you ready to:

* Improve your eating habits

* Understand your body better

* Make self-care a priority

* Feel confident in choosing and preparing healthy food for you and your loved ones

* Experience an increase in overall energy

* Lose weight

* Explore new foods

* Improve personal relationships

* Feel more at home and graceful in your body

Her office walls have testimonials from some of the many people whose lives have been transformed.

In closing she said, "I asked each client, imagine what your life would be like if you had clear thinking, energy and excitement every day."

Linda Leland,; 978-502-8859,