(Only students from our local towns are listed.)


Foreign Language: Anthony Orazio (Pepperell).

Mathematics: Desmond Davis (Ayer).

Physical Education/Health: David Blood (Groton), Sarah Whitney (Shirley).

Science: Caitlin Cuoco (Ayer).


Merit Achievement Award

Carpentry & Cabinetmaking: Craig Croteau (Townsend).

Dental Assisting: Sarah Whitney (Shirley).

Design & Visual Communications: Jennifer Goulart (Shirley).

Early Childhood Education: Maria Sears (Pepperell).

Electrical Technology: Lyle Hopf (Shirley).

Electronics/Robotics: Desmond Davis (Shirley).

Health Assisting: Rebecca Updyke (Townsend).

Hotel & Restaurant Management: Stephanie Nelson (Pepperell).

Programming & Web Development: Deborah Kelly (Shirley).


Automotive Technology: Nicholas Clark (Groton).

Banking, Marketing & Retail: Hannah Whiting (Pepperell).

Cosmetology: Amanda Marshall (Pepperell).

Culinary Arts: Victoria Prunier (Shirley).

Design & Visual Communications: Courtney Deck (Shirley).

Electrical Technology: David Blood (Groton).

Health Assisting: Kourtney Van Tassell (Ayer).

Machine Tool Technology: Jacquelynn Meyer (Ayer).

Programming & Web Development: Deborah Kelly (Shirley).

TV & Media Production/Theatre Arts: Sofia Reppucci (Pepperell).



American Citizenship Award: Julie Anderson (Ayer), David Blood (Groton), Kelly Gallagher (Shirley), Nicole Kelly (Shirley), Audrey Lynch (Ayer), Michaela Richards (Pepperell).

District E Athletic Association Award: Nichole Kelly (Shirley).

Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents Certificate of Academic Excellence: Rachel Casey (Pepperell), Cynthia Messina (Townsend).

Massachusetts Association of Vocational Administrators' Outstanding Vocational Technical Student Award: Rachel Casey (Pepperell).

Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association Outstanding Sportsmanship Award: Richard Hughes (Ayer).

Massachusetts Secondary School Administrators Association Student Achievement Award: Jennifer Goulart (Shirley).

Massachusetts Vocational Association Presidential Certificate of Merit: Sarah Whitney (Shirley).

Nashoba Valley Technical High School Outstanding Athlete/Scholar: Desmond Davis (Ayer), Jennifer Goulart (Shirley).

President's Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence: Rachel Casey (Pepperell), Caitlin Cuoco (Ayer), Desmond Davis (Ayer), Courtney Deck (Shirley), Kayla Drinkwater (Shirley), Victoria Forbes (Townsend), Cynthia Messina (Townsend), Sofia Reppucci (Pepperell), Hannah Whiting (Pepperell).

Walter J. Markham Award: Cynthia Messina (Townsend).


Cody Brown Ayotte Scholarship: Hector Ortiz (Townsend).

Friends of Nashoba Scholarship: Nicholas Clark (Groton).

Groton Women's Club Merit Award: David Blood (Groton).

John & Abigail Adams Scholarship: Mitchell Ashe (Townsend), Kayla Buchanan (Pepperell), Rachel Casey (Pepperell), Caitlin Cuoco (Ayer), Desmond Davis (Ayer), Courtney Deck (Shirley), Kayla Drinkwater (Shirley), Victoria Forbes (Townsend), Kelly Gallagher (Shirley), Jaid Hall (Townsend), Richard Hughes (Ayer), Cynthia Messina (Townsend), Anthony Orazio (Pepperell), Sofia Reppucci (Pepperell), Christopher Schiavo (Townsend), Hannah Whiting (Pepperell).

John D. MacEntee Memorial Award: Courtney Deck (Shirley).

Lowell Five Cent Savings Bank: Jocelyn Klein (Shirley).

Lowell Women's City Golf Tournament Scholarship: Jennifer Goulart (Shirley).

Massachusetts Vocational Association Award: Sarah Whitney (Shirley).

North Central Massachusetts Chamber Foundation: Cynthia Messina (Townsend).

Pepperell Business Association Scholarship: Rachel Casey (Pepperell), Kayla Mercurio (Pepperell), Cynthia Messina (Townsend), Sofia Reppucci (Pepperell), Hannah Whiting (Pepperell).

Pepperell Lions Club: Rachel Casey (Pepperell), Sofia Reppucci (Pepperell).

Robert S. Hargraves Scholarship: Danielle Dunn (Ayer). 

Squannacook River Runners Groton Road Race Scholarship: Nicholas Clark (Groton), Jennifer Goulart (Shirley).

Thomas J. DeVincentis Memorial Award: David Blood (Groton), Desmond Davis (Ayer), Lyle Hopf (Shirley).

Town of Groton Scholarship: Nicholas Clark (Groton).

Townsend Business Association Scholarship: Victoria Forbes (Townsend), Nicholas Hommel (Townsend).