It's odd to me that the animal-rights groups just love to pick a fight with a law-abiding hunter. But when it comes to someone who is letting horses starve to death or has an estimated 30 to 50 dogs in their home, the group is pretty much silent.

There is a situation on Heald Street in Pepperell where many dogs and horses appear to be grossly neglected. In fact, the situation is so bad the police were called, who then contacted the Department of Public Health. The DPH contacted the Animal Rescue League, which called in help from the Animal Humane Society.

The police did their job and turned the work over to the proper people. But now you have ask, what are the others going to do?

Well, DPH said they can't just go into the house because they have no probable cause. They found the smell of urine everywhere and feces everywhere. The smell covers the area. Although they can see many loose dogs and the horses are malnourished, down as much as 200 pounds each, they still feel they have no probable cause.

Townspeople have gone to the residence a couple of times with feed and hay for the horses but it's just not enough.

The Animal Rescue League said the horses need to be put down and aren't bothering to try and get them the needed care. Just shoot them with a needle and bury them. The Humane Society didn't want to get involved because they might step on the toes of their sister organization.

How can a pair of groups so dedicated to stopping all legal and ethical hunting walk away from such a devastating mess.


This entire situation has many local people very upset and reasonably so. But it should also make a sportsman kind of smile as the two-faced groups turn their back when they are really needed.

As no one does anything, the poor horses continue to starve.

Free fishing day

Saturday, June 1, is Free Fishing Day in New Hampshire, so get out your fishing gear and head for the water! You don't need a license to fish that day, so make plans to cast a line with family and friends.

State residents and nonresidents alike can fish any of New Hampshire's inland waters -- and saltwater, too.

Though you don't need a license, season dates, bag limits and all other fishing regulations must be followed on Free Fishing Day. Please note: Anglers fishing for brood stock Atlantic salmon in the Merrimack and lower Pemigewasset rivers must have a fishing license along with a special Atlantic Salmon broodstock permit. But the rest of the state is open to fish as you wish.

I would just head over the border, fish a few brooks, a lake or two, and call it a day.

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