GROTON -- At Lawrence Academy's Cum Laude Day awards assembly on May 1, 2013, students from Groton, Harvard and Pepperell were among those recognized for outstanding academic achievement.

Senior Philip Titcomb, of Groton, was inducted into the Cum Laude Society. With academic achievement as its main criterion, the national Cum Laude Society requires that its members have also demonstrated good character, honor, and integrity in all aspects of their school life. Philip also received The Language Prize for versatility and scholarship in his study of Spanish.

Senior James Lawrence, of Groton, earned the Eleanor and Cameron Smith Poetry Prize for his aptitude in poetry composition and his appreciation for a poetic approach to life.

Senior Jacob Riggert, of Groton, a dedicated musician who has contributed as a drummer to the school's jazz band and numerous other productions throughout his career, received the Class of 1965 Prize for Music.

Senior Holly Moniz, of Groton, who was inducted into the Cum Laude Society last year, was presented with three awards: The Class of 1965 Prize for Dance, The Anne and David Rosenthal Prize for Literary Appreciation, and The Holmes Prize for dedication and excellence in her study of mathematics.

Senior Meredith Combs, of Harvard, received The Language Prize for expertise and scholarship in her Latin studies.

Senior Joseph Casper, of Pepperell, who has been involved with theatre and theatre tech throughout his career, and was the recipient of The Class of 1965 Prize for Theatre.


Senior Kacey Hartner, of Pepperell, earned The May Sarton Poetry Prize for her talent and achievement as well as her serious and continuing effort to develop a personal creative voice in the written arts.

Sophomore Oren Karp, of Pepperell, was selected by the student government to receive the Class of 1957 Award for outstanding citizenship.