The Squan-a-tissit Chapter of Trout Unlimited will hold its annual banquet, raffles and auction Saturday, April 13, starting at 5 p.m. at the VFW in Pepperell. It's the largest fundraiser for this organization of the year.

Trout Unlimited is one of the finest organizations in the world. The members are dedicated to the preservation of not only the trout but of the rivers and streams that hold them.

There are chapters all over the country and none better than the one located right here. This fundraiser will help the members buy goods and provide services on the Nissitissit, Squannacook, Sucker brook, Unkety Brook and dozens of other streams that make up the river systems.

A few years ago they took the money they earned and built a handicapped area for wheelchairs along the Squannacook River. This area is maintained by club members and was heralded by the people at Mass Fish and Wildlife.

So take a little bit of your time and come on down to one of the finest dinners you will ever spend about $10 on.

Mass Wildlife has stocked Baddacook, Sandy Pond, Fort Pond, Knopps, Long Sought For, Walden, Whites, Horn, Whalom and Buckmaster ponds. The rivers stocked are the Ipswich and Parker. As of this writing it is hoped the Squannacook and Nissitissit will also be done so check them out.

As a bonus fish Baddacook for the fresh stocked Atlantic salmon.


These fish are up to 5 pounds and Dan LeBlanc has proof they were stocked with his catch of a 5 pounder.

Herring are moving up the rivers now which is great news for striper anglers. Stripers follow herring and fishermen follow stripers. In 2 to 3 weeks the bass will be here on the north shore.

Turkey hunting is just around the corner but something I want to share with you. Turkey hunting makes the state money. People spend money in many ways like motels, gas stations, restaurants etc. Our governor does not recognize this sport or any outdoor sport. But Gov. Shumlin of Vermont sure does. He makes it a point to lets sportsmen know the state welcomes them and the money they bring with them.

Recently, I wrote about Scott Thorpe, who gave me some information regarding his loss of hunting equipment over the past few years. The equipment lost included tree stands and trail cameras worth hundreds of dollars.

From that article, I spoke with or received many comments from fellow sportsman. Some of those comments are as follows:

Dan LeBlanc: There's a story I hear again and again and again. People can be scum sometimes.

David Harbison: Animal-rights mags tell their people, "It's their moral obligation to destroy by any means possible any thing that helps hunters," this also includes reports of tires being slashed.

Kenneth Brown: Let's be clear. These are the actions of criminals. The second these actions are taken, these individuals lose the right to the title of sportsman or hunter. ... They are cowardly acts at the very least. The right course of action would be to leave a note or find the owner of such equipment if it was placed incorrectly.

These criminal acts are felonies and, if caught, Thorpe along with most every sportsman out there will press charges, and, if it's anti-hunter, for harassment, which is also illegal.

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