GROTON -- The Sunset Farm Bed & Breakfast located at 154 on historic Farmers Row is a welcoming reminder of when Groton's primary traffic was of the tractor and horse kind. The farmhouse and its giant barn along with its many doored carriage house were built in 1875, when traffic and life moved at a relaxing pace.

This farm began life as Westfield Farms, with 300 acres and hundreds of fruit trees, cows and horses. The property has a panoramic view of Monadnock Mountain and the Berkshire Mountain Range. At dusk the views have an almost mystical feel and the evening air has a quiet magic.

The use of row rather than road is a telltale reminder of when farmers had the right of way and even today, with the Groton School hugging the open acreage just down the way from the Sunset Farm, this row and the old properties along the way have a very rural feel.

Today Cindy and Bard Salmon own and operate this charming antique and the property's landholding has shrunk to two acres that, as Bard puts it, "Feels like a hundred because all around us is open land mostly owned by the Groton School."

Indeed. It's easy to imagine life on his farm a century ago, with horses grazing and the fragrance of ripening apples and home-baked apple pieces perfuming the air.

Originally from Hingham, the Salmons, now married for over a half century, purchased the shuttered property in 2003. "We had been driving around the area," Cindy recalls, "because we wanted to be closer to our daughter and our grandchildren. We saw this property had been closed and knew this was the place for us.



Cindy is the B&B's director and husband Bard is happy to leave everything to her. "I like the breakfasts," he quips, "especially Cindy's special baked French toast, which has layers of cheese and pears and is swimming in real maple syrup."

Guests can choose from three immaculately clean and cozy guest rooms, each with large private baths and a full breakfast served from 7 to 9 each morning, for $125 a night.

Cindy said, "My career background includes being a teacher and a real-estate broker. I like people and love living here and having the privilege of waking up to this home, this small business and these views. I make sure to call each guest before they arrive so that I can get their breakfast preferences and any other information that may be helpful to them and their visit with us."

The top floor of this large farmhouse hosts a spectacular room, which houses an office for Bard as well as a media center. The Salmons recent guests were members of a small musical group who were playing a concert nearby. During the early evening this airy crow's nest was the scene of a musical soiree enjoyed by friends and family.

Contact Cindy Salmon at 617-371-6950.