WEST GROTON -- Neither the blizzard that dumped 24 inches of white powder nor Massachusetts's driving ban could stop Janet Shea from cutting the ribbon on Saturday, Feb. 9, signaling the official grand opening of the Clover Farm General Store in West Groton, which opened in August.

At 3 p.m. friends and fans began coming into the store for the 4 p.m. ribbon-cutting as plows continued moving the snow and many gatherers were arriving on foot. As the state's driving ban began lifting at 4 p.m., cars were parking and happy guests were making their way into the cozy store, which was all dressed up in its Valentine's finery.

The Nashoba Valley Chamber of Commerce had arranged this occasion weeks ago and all afternoon Shea continued to email everyone on her vast list to remind all that things were still on. Even though the "foul weather" postponement date was for Feb. 17, Shea felt that the weather somehow wasn't foul enough.

Shea said, "I told everyone on Friday that if the sun came out on Saturday we were having this party, and around 2 o'clock I saw that the sun was coming in West Groton and that was good enough for me!"

Despite the rough driving conditions and hundreds of driveways that remained buried, more than 25 well-wishers gathered to share Shea's joy.

Noshes and nibbles included chips, salsa and guacamole, cheese platters with crisps and tiny, melt-in-your-mouth quiches. Everything was merrily washed down with wines that were opened for tastings now that Janet has secured her license to sell wine and beer.


Goodies included a memorable Malbec from Argento, Oyster Bay's Sauvignon Blanc, an oaky Chardonnay from Delouch, and a Pinot Noir from Mirassou. The culmination for this happy band was a toast of tiny bubbles from Italy in the form of a crisp Prosecco.

At the end of the day the Nashoba Valley Chamber of Commerce left behind a congratulatory framed memento and the crowd left a barrel of empty wine bottles along with loads of well wishes, hugs and wonderful memories.

Share the love at Clover Farm General Store & Country Village Yarn Shop at 978-448-YARN. Closed Sundays, opens early the other days.