TYNGSBORO -- Advice on roommates, time-management strategies, budgeting money and even the necessity of bleach wipes.

These were just some of topics covered in a lively event that brought together alumnae and current students for the Academy of Notre Dame Tyngsboro Young Alumnae Panel, sponsored by the Advancement Office and Alumnae Association.

In what has become an annual event, several alumnae met with Academy juniors and seniors to offer a bit of sage advice on what lies ahead for the young women as they prepare for college.

Throughout the event, the Academy of Notre Dame alumnae referenced how well prepared they were for the rigors of college, both in and outside the classroom by the Academy. Whether it was re-using notes from biology or chemistry class or the management of time, the Academy's teachers had prepared them for their pursuit of higher education.

Questions ranged from the best approach to the application process to how to maintain distance relationships.

"In your college essay it's important to tell the college what you can do for them, not only why you want to go to their school," said alum Kat Struckman, a junior at MIT and mechanical engineering major. "Be specific, do your research and let them know what an asset you will be as a part of their community."

Time management and money management also were concerns for the juniors and seniors.


Shauna Martin, a sophomore nursing major at Boston College commented that "unlike NDA where you have all your classes one after another, my classes are early in the morning. I try to use breaks to get work done before another class begins."

On managing money, Francesca Scaraggi, a freshman at Hofstra University, got right to the point. "You have to pay attention to purchases and what your needs will be over the semester, factoring in everything. Come up with a plan so you still have money at the end of the semester."

The advice on roommates was clear and crucial: communicate early on the ground rules. "Living together is not easy," said one panelist. The panel agreed that when filling out the roommate profile, honesty was the best bet. They referenced the problems that arise like when "a clean freak and a messy person" get paired together as roommates.

The alumnae also warned the students about the level of cleanliness to expect in dorm rooms and bathrooms. Tops on the list of essential emergency supplies? Bleach wipes.